Atomic Blonde

The other day I watched Kate, a stylistic action film with a female protagonist that fell short of expectations. It made me think of all the other IPs that shared these traits, and the most prominent film among that batch is Atomic Blonde, a movie I watched in October 2017. What follows is lightly edited review of the film and why it deserves a viewing. I also somehow managed to talk about Vin Diesel again, so that’s something to bring up to my therapist.

Atomic, Blonde and Neon

Atomic Blonde promised me action, style, and a couple of beautiful women. The strength of the movie was what was promised, but none of what was not. The fights were real, visible, bloody and imaginative. The thematic outrun colors and visuals of the movie brought me into a complex world of cigarettes, guns, vodka, Russian thugs and bad men in nice suits. The retro multilingual pop music throughout also aided the neon blue theme running throughout the film.

The action, style and acting was just about all that was good about the movie. The plot was difficult to understand, the script was bland, the thugs were generic and I’m 99% sure the words “character” and “development” were never used together in the same sentence when they made the movie. I could describe pretty much every character in the movie as grim, gritty and sad. Too often, James McCavoy’s character reminded me of a less bald, less muscular Vin Diesel from the first ten minutes of Triple X. In case you didn’t know, I hated that movie. 

Atomic Blonde does a lot right and a lot wrong. The plot was by no means original, and it really didn’t need to be, but they managed to goof it up to the point that I really just wanted the movie to be over halfway in. 6/10. Worth a watch if you’ve got a night off, and really only around the 50 minute mark if you’ve got a night in. 

You can rent Atomic Blonde anywhere movies are rented.

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