More Movie Analysis Resources

Video Essay Channels

Lessons from the Screenplay  –
One of the first and highest quality video bloggers out there. Support them on Patreon

Red Letter Media – 
You probably know them from their insane videos tearing apart Star Wars: The Phantom Menace or Star Wars: The Attack of the Clones. Their Patreon.

Sideways – 
This channel focuses on the soundtracks, audio and music theory in film. Produced by an actual music major with a penchant for film, you cannot miss their video on the music in Avatar: The Last Airbender. They can be supported here.

Jenny Nicholson –
Jenny is a passionate, unafraid supernerd. Her videos are excellent, if you’ve got the attention span for them. She’s hidden her Patreon deep on her website instead of her Youtube, but you should support her too.

Lindsay Ellis – 
Lindsay is an intelligent, passionate vlogger who likes Disney, feminism and fucking up bad movies. She’s done incredible work tearing apart the Transformers series, and I want to get her drunk so I can get her to rant about them some more. 

The Closer Look – 
Let me get back to you on this one. I’m subscribed to them but I can’t remember why I like their videos. Worth a rewatch once I burn through TROFS’s backlog. 

Alt Shift X – 
Alt gained fame talking about theories and lore of A Song of Ice and Fire, or Game of Thrones. They’re now venturing into making videos about Westworld and other series. Vote for their next video here.

Mr Sunday Movies – 
Another classic channel I’ve forgotten why I like. Next up to binge after The Closer Look.

Every Frame a Painting – 
One of the first and best vloggers. A must watch for beginners to the world of film and vlogging. They’ve stopped making videos, and their post talking about the end of the channel is actually kind of moving

The Royal Ocean Film Society – 
This channel is my new main squeeze. I’ve almost finished burning my way through Andrew Saladino’s incredible videos. He’s a freelance editor, and has one of the best eyes for beauty and prose in film. He’s making some great content, and he deserves to be supported here.

Film Courage-
Another channel with promise, their entire videography is sitting in my ‘Watch Later’ playlist.

Cinema Beyond Entertainment-
A film vlog that crosses with a ton of bollywood. This is appreciated because I’m [REDACTED ETHNICITY], and it’s validating to see that some of Vinit’s critiques of Bollywood are also my own.

Movie Review Sites

Hit or miss, since it’s user generated.

Games, movies and TV reviews, also user generated.

Indie site, never really heard of it.

The Film Blog-
An independent film review site, worth a look if you like that kind of thing.

Roger Ebert-
Never heard of him. Probably some yuppie sitting in his mom’s basement with a tsundere black widow body pillow.

Every Movie Has a Lesson-
A semi-amateur, independent movie review site.

Letterboxd – 
It’s like social media for film reviews. It’s pretty cool.

Where to Watch

Shortfilm of the Week
According to their site, “Short film is where innovative storytelling is born. With the internet, the quality and diversity of fresh voices is exploding, yet it’s harder than ever for emerging filmmakers to reach a wider audience and break into the industry.”

New movies added every week

High quality, weekly updates

Think Shorts
Sort by genre, country and language.

Other Sites of Interest

I plan on subscribing here once I grow a pair. Stream films and movies, curated by excellence, not their box office performance or marketability. It’s Netflix for film watchers.

The Film Scorer-
A podcast focused on soundtracks and movie composers.

r/movies – 
For up to date news on major films, new posters, trailers, general discussions and structured posting. 

Shore Scripts
Contests and resources to help screenwriters break into the film industry.

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