Layer Cake

Layer Cake is a quick witted, profanity laced British crime movie. It's worth your time if you want to watch Craig play James Bond before he was Bond.

Finding ‘Ohana

So I watched this movie at a 50 degree angle from a 10 year old TV with my parents sitting on an uncomfortable cushion. This movie was awesome. It’s definitely a kids’ movie, and if you expect anything different, then shut up and go away.  How do we even pronounce 'Ohana The main character little... Continue Reading →

Army of the Dead

The last time I cared about a zombie-based media was the final season of Game of Thrones, where the big bad guy gets nerfed by a random little girl hiding in a tree. Before that was The Walking Dead, which is apparently still… on air? Snyder’s Army of the Dead is the first time I... Continue Reading →


The movie is an ambitious attempt at capturing a classic tale from yesteryear, in the context of a realistic sci-fi environment. It’s a cowboy story that would have been happy with John Wayne and some natives in the Wild West. It’s True Grit if the dad died in the first act. I hit play on... Continue Reading →

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