The Chronicles of Riddick

The Chronicles of Riddick is like Game of Thrones mixed with Twilight mixed with Bloodshot mixed with King Arthur. It’s a film about intergalactic genocide, politics, prophecies and fatherhood. It’s a massive opera that really came out of nowhere considering Pitch Black.


@rolandemmerich 's newest doomgasm film, #MOONFALL is a fun, cinematic hot dog made of literally all of the other movies he's ever made. Watch it, but don't watch it if you're smart or sober.


I’ve seen Tom Cruise’s Oblivion maybe half a dozen times, and I can tell you with confidence, this movie deserves a place among the pantheon with the best sci-fi films of all time.

No Time to Die

Warning: This review contains spoilers for all of the Craig Bond movies, Avengers: Infinity War, Harry Potter, and possibly a few more movies. This also a longer review. Tl;dr: Daniel Craig’s No Time to Die doesn’t have the balls to be the best Bond movie it could be.  Tropes, Clichés, and Bond The opening sequence... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Place

Everyone’s seen this movie, everyone raves about it, it’s fantastic, there’s no secret. Enough said. I have few thoughts about the film, and I've listed them as such: -I have a crush on Krasinski-I have a crush on Blunt-I was very impressed with the detail in this movie, I’m crushed by the sadness and loneliness and... Continue Reading →

Ghost in the Shell (2017)

I know it's not a popular opinion, but I really liked 2017's #GhostInTheShell. I talk about why I like it, and why it sucks. An old review posted as part of stylistic, sci fi, action, female protagonist movie thread.

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