The Chronicles of Riddick

The Chronicles of Riddick is like Game of Thrones mixed with Twilight mixed with Bloodshot mixed with King Arthur. It’s a film about intergalactic genocide, politics, prophecies and fatherhood. It’s a massive opera that really came out of nowhere considering Pitch Black.


@rolandemmerich 's newest doomgasm film, #MOONFALL is a fun, cinematic hot dog made of literally all of the other movies he's ever made. Watch it, but don't watch it if you're smart or sober.

Pitch Black

Vin Diesel's 2000 cult classic Pitch Black is a unique horror sci-fi film with a ton of heart and relatively little misogyny.

Venom: Let there be Carnage

I was pretty happy watching Venom 2, but I think my viewing was biased due to the fact that I’m very homesick right now, and they kept running around my town doing stuff. In hindsight, I may have enjoyed the first film a lot more for the same reasons. [Heading 1] Venom 2 is a... Continue Reading →

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