9 Songs

This review discusses a controversial film involving explicit sexual relations. Reader discretion is advised. That means that if you're a prude, fuck off. 9 Songs explores the story of a couple in a very real, intimate way. When I say intimate, I mean intimate. The film has faced controversy for being borderline pornographic. That’s a... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Note – On Short Films

I recently published a few reviews on independently made short films. I've also begun a foray into watching short films, and most, if not all, are also independent or low budget. I've wanted to get into watching more films made by smaller, independent filmmakers for a number of reasons. And as I did so, I... Continue Reading →


Not the official poster, just a screenshot Aso is a film that examines a man attempting to stand his ground, and devolves into a mess, spouting ‘whataboutisms’ to defend his view. It’s a wonderful example of the acting being the main driver of a film rather than the story itself. It's also the shortest film... Continue Reading →


Y’all remember that movie 2012 that somehow everybody both watched and haven’t watched? Like. It’s constantly playing on the FX channel, sandwiched between a 5pm EST showing of X-Men and an 11pm showing of Fan4tastic? Anyways, this movie is way better than any of the others.  Single Take Grandeur So I haven’t seen the movie... Continue Reading →

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