Pitch Black

Vin Diesel's 2000 cult classic Pitch Black is a unique horror sci-fi film with a ton of heart and relatively little misogyny.

Halloween Kills

The movie sucked. I don’t like slashers, but even for a slasher, this thing sucked. Why did they make it? Who the fuck is Michael Myers and why can’t he die? Why are these people unironically chanting ‘Evil dies tonight’? These answers may likely be best left unanswered. 

The VVitch

The Witch, stylized as The VVitch, is a period piece psychological horror, with some fantastic acting, some inspired direction and cinematography unlike anything I’ve seen in a while.

His House

The concept of this film is well timed and unique, paired with a classic horror trope. The movie began strong, reaffirming all of my prior assumptions, but began veering off course fairly quickly. The horrors never stopped, but the more we learned of the characters’ traumas and their following troubles, the less I started to… care.

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