“The Bubble” is pure cringe

The Bubble is a money-laundering, nepotism-riddled, time-wasting scheme concocted to masquerade as entertainment, designed to appeal to the lowest, most brain-dead tier of Netflix viewers who’s idea of ‘funny’ is people’s nuts getting grabbed, drug addicts raping computer programs and women being manipulated by their ex husbands. 


So I watched another comic book movie set in San Francisco during the throes of my homesickness. Unfortunately this one only spends a small portion in the city, and I gotta say- I want more… Kung Fu MCU Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings is probably the best, most satisfying MCU media to be... Continue Reading →

Interview with the Vampire

I watched this movie back in 2018, and wrote the review a month later in 2019. I'm publishing it tonight to recommend it as a fun Halloween watch. Vampires and gore are not much my thing, and Interview with the Vampire is quite a bit of both. It’s a dramatic, flowing, musical tale, with a... Continue Reading →

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