Why “My Cousin Vinny” is the best courtroom drama ever filmed

I really liked this movie. Joe Pesci is a fucking treasure, Marissa Tomei is a downright powerhouse, and director Jonathan Lynn demonstrated a mastery of visual comedy combined with quick, witty script comedy while still respecting the serious tone of the matter and delivery a legitimate film.

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada is a fantastic example of telling engaging stories by building your characters through arcs, choices and changes. It’s a wonderful example of using very basic structures of action and consequence to help the audience connect to and grow with the protagonist.

The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl is a wonderful, thought provoking, uncomfortably intimate story of one Lili Elbe, and her discovery, acceptance and transition from being born a biological male, to being the woman that Lili was always meant to be. I highly recommend the film.

His House

The concept of this film is well timed and unique, paired with a classic horror trope. The movie began strong, reaffirming all of my prior assumptions, but began veering off course fairly quickly. The horrors never stopped, but the more we learned of the characters’ traumas and their following troubles, the less I started to… care.

Bird Box

Bird Box wasn’t scary, intense, fresh or even entertaining. I was thoroughly underwhelmed and unimpressed by pretty much every element of the movie. The memes are funny, though.

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