The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada is a fantastic example of telling engaging stories by building your characters through arcs, choices and changes. It’s a wonderful example of using very basic structures of action and consequence to help the audience connect to and grow with the protagonist.

Interview with the Vampire

I watched this movie back in 2018, and wrote the review a month later in 2019. I'm publishing it tonight to recommend it as a fun Halloween watch. Vampires and gore are not much my thing, and Interview with the Vampire is quite a bit of both. It’s a dramatic, flowing, musical tale, with a... Continue Reading →

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

When I first watched this movie, I had a hard time understanding why Breakfast at Tiffany's is such a masterpiece. I struggled with feeling frustrated for and by Holly and her actions, and constantly the film demonstrated the woman making poor decisions. As the credits rolled, I realized that this angst was exactly the point... Continue Reading →

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane is one of the most studied and debated films of all time, and for good reason. I chose this movie to be my thousandth film watched because of all the discussion that had already occurred about the film. I wanted to see what a film worth talking about looked like after having spammed... Continue Reading →

Ben Hur

Ben Hur is a testament to the soul of filmmaking. The sets, the costumes, the music, the acting, the cinematography, the dialogue, the story, the framing, the atmosphere. Every aspect of the movie was meticulously crafted and it was easily visible how hard the crew had worked on the film. The issue with watching older,... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Goddamn does Disney know how to entertain. In a way, this movie is an incredible opportunity to study different storytelling techniques, and how to efficiently adapt a written story into film. As many readers will complain to you, it’s easy to screw up novel adaptations. Perhaps this movie wasn’t such a train wreck because it... Continue Reading →


I have a habit of saving really good movies to watch during the worst of times. Movies are an escape from the tedium of life, the frustrations of reality. It’s why fantasies and adventures and dreams and heroes are so popular. It’s why the worlds we visit in the movies entrance us, distract us and... Continue Reading →

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