The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – Movie Review

I wanted to watch The Unbelievable Weight of Massive Talent for a while. In fact, I wanted to see it so bad that I sat through a slew of Cage movies before relenting for Talent. Here’s the thing: unless you’re a Nicholas Cage fan, unless you’ve seen a good number of Cage films, or unless you’re interested in what a guy like Cage would do when he’s handed a film based on himself, you’re literally not going to like this movie.

Based on- and not on- real events

Talent is an amalgamation of many, if not all, Nicholas Cage movies. It is a collection of his most memorable moments and scenes from his most memorable films. It is also, however, not as good as it should have been. While the film is ambitious and original in its ambitions and prospects, it ultimately devolves into an entertaining yet unsatisfying film. I suspect that the hardcore Cage fans will find some meaning and entertainment in the climax due to its callbacks to other Cage film. However, the film has, ironically, succumbed to the failures of regular, Hollywood cliches.

Surprisingly, Talent is actually a coming of age story- but only kinda. The film features Nicolas Cage, playing Cage (which isn’t a surprise if you’ve seen literally any trailer), but in a meta, self-reflective take. It is a film about Cage, by Cage, and almost for Cage. Structurally, Talent is unoriginal. Narratively, it is uninspired. It is funny, yes, and it echoes themes of the meta, but it ultimately crumbles and succumbs to a Hollywood Ending, which it itself attempts to buck and reject.

Cage must find a way to connect with his daughter and prove to himself and his ego that he is interesting, worthy and still a movie star. By the end of the movie, however, he hasn’t really learned anything and doesn’t show that he’s a better father or actor. The film devolves into a gunfight and car chase, and I’m not going to lie to you, I do not remember what happens after that. I do remember that one of the last shots is of Nicholas Cage sitting and watching a movie with his daughter, but this time he’s let her choose. Growth!

According to Abed in Community, you cannot judge Cage’s ability as an actor. But you can judge Pascal, and he is as good as can be, which is pretty good. He is also not as great as Pascal has been in other works, but to be fair, after the disaster that was Wonder Woman 1984, fuckin everything else is relatively great. 

Is Nicolas Cage Good Actor?

This is a nuanced answer, and I can’t really give it to you in a nutshell. I can, however, put it together in a really long, really insane 4-page movie essay about 3 Nicolas Cage movies.


I wanna give it a better rating but there are literally no boobies except for Nick’s nips. There’s also some weird stuff in here, like Cage making out with a younger-looking version of himself, so it’s not not sexy.

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