“The Bubble” is pure cringe

The Bubble is a money-laundering, nepotism-riddled, time-wasting scheme concocted to masquerade as entertainment, designed to appeal to the lowest, most brain-dead tier of Netflix viewers who’s idea of ‘funny’ is people’s nuts getting grabbed, drug addicts raping computer programs and women being manipulated by their ex husbands. 

Stereotypes and bad jokes

The Bubble is a movie that looks like it was made by 40 year old white man who really wanted the fun, hip mexican guy from Game of Thrones to do sex things with the cute girl from Star Wars, while making fun of Tiktok youths, but also watch the sexy readhead from Jumanji have sex with a spanish stud, because of Italian stallion jokes. On top of that, this white guy is also an anti-mask moron who thinks that COVID was a joke, so let’s make a movie about rich hollywood idiots having a bad time living in a fancy hotel owned by an Indian guy, because all hotels are owned by Indians, right?

This isn’t a film as much as it’s a collection of scenes, because it looks like they put several funny people in a room together and let them improv and riff, but the result is not funny at all. The Bubble is like Movie 43, but with a central plotline rather than an anthology.

Screenshot of a scene with grown adults worth millions of dollars doing a booty-shaking Tiktok dance for a solid 60 seconds.

Humiliation disguised as entertainment

Then there’s the celebrity exploitation. Like, there’s a scene where James McAvoy tackles Karen Gillan, forgets that he went on a date with her, and then runs away. It’s… blitheringly stupid. I think he was contractually obligated to shoot a scene where he had to appear in an Apatow film or something. 

Or maybe Apatow blackmailed Daisy Ridley into allowing her descend to the level where she is literally drug-addled hallucination that Pedro Pascal fucks. It’s depressing. This is the first time Ridley has been in a film since 2021’s Chaos Walking and 2019’s Rise of Skywalker and this is the best she could do? This is how badly Star Wars has tanked her career?

On top of that, Judd Apatow (director) has his daughter Iris Apatow (Tiktok idiot) in the film in a role that literally starts nowhere and ends nowhere. She goes from a girl being controlled by her mom, to girl who just wants a friend, to girl who gets into a fistfight with her friend. Completely useless, nonsensical and idiotic. 


This film is just as bad and hatable as Knock Knock

You can engage in self-hate by streaming The Bubble on Netflix.

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