Hailee Steinfeld’s “The Edge of Seventeen” was the best, most forgettable coming of age movie I’ve ever seen

The Edge of Seventeen is a fairly basic but well thought out coming of age film starring Haley Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson for all of twenty minutes. All in all, it’s a great genre film, if a little rushed in its climax.

I only watched this film because I wanted to see if Steinfeld was just as basic and fake ditsy as she was in Hawkeye.

The answer is kinda.

She’s kinda the same person in Hawkeye as she is in The Edge of Seventeen, except it works better in this film than it did in Hawkeye, and that’s mainly because she has little to no chemistry with her costar, Jeremy Renner. She did, however, vibe very well with Woody Harrelson in Seventeen, despite the fact that he’s not really in the movie despite being… in the movie? He’s in it, but mainly towards the end for her catharsis towards the climax, not so much during the fun part of the film, where the two really got to riff and banter.

The film has a lot of the usual teenage drama, an asshole rebelious teen making dumb mistakes, incompetent adults and cute humor masking a fairly standard film. It checks off all the boxes for being a coming of age film, and fits its narrative pieces together pretty well, which I’ve found a lot of coming of age films don’t do well, and sometimes just phone it in.


I forgot I saw it. 

You can stream The Edge of Seventeen on Netflix or rent it from AppleTV.

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