The Best Football features Adam Sandler in “The Longest Yard”

I don’t really like Adam Sandler, he’s got a tired old schtick and he’s supremely obnoxious. Additionally, he looks nothing like a football quarterback, and I should know, I’m a jock who loves football.

The Longest Yard is an odd movie. It doesn’t feel overtly transphobic, but it was also not necessary to have that many people cross dressing or otherwise acting homosexual. The prisoners don’t bully or single out the ones who do act feminine. There’s a character who tries denying that he’s attracted to men and then eventually he’s caught on camera. The crowd watches this and laughs, but it almost feels like they’re laughing at his denial, not his homosexuality. Throughout the film, there’s one character who’s implied to have a massive penis, and the group isn’t jealous at all. The film is surprisingly not homophobic or transphobic. 

It’s a fine film to pass the time with, with a standard feel-good message, and no real artistic or narrative depth for you to worry about. 


You can watch the film on Netflix.

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