Why “Don’t Look Up” should Scare and Depress You

The recent disaster-parody film Don’t Look Up offers a bleak reflection of our society from the past few years, and it should scare you not because the end of the world is terrifying, but because the film is so accurate.

Realistic Space Nerds

As a guy who spent 4 years working on an Astrophysics degree and an overlapping 4 stressing about which morons were politicized and who wasn’t, Don’t Look Up has found a surprisingly comfortable cultural and historical niche to represent the last few years of my life. In that light, however, you can see how I’d feel uncomfortable trying to deliver an unbiased review for this film, knowing that I’m already pretty biased. I’m gonna do it anyway, sue me.

To begin with, both DiCaprio and Lawrence are extremely attractive people, and they were (mostly) transformed into these weird, nerdy, awkward people that most other cool and suave people can easily pick on. Lawrence’s haircut was nearly identical to literally half the girls in my astro program. DiCaprio’s anxiety and inability to communicate his ideas was lifted from literally every presentation that anyone gave, ever, in my cohort. Hell, even the way that he so easily was swayed and seduced by the lifestyle that these media personalities offered him was a spot-on representation of insecure, virgin physics dweebs. 

This is actually me.

I recently watched that ridiculous Moonfall movie because I had a free afternoon and because I said I would a few weeks before it released for some internet clout. The film follows a similar story, in that some astrophysicists need help from white people to help defeat a giant celestial body heading towards the Earth. While Moonfall was completely braindead and literally just a 2 hour long Lexus commercial, it was interesting to see such a similar parallel between these two films. Like Contagion, Don’t Look Up offers realistic reactions from people, institutions and individuals. People do and say dumb stuff, and it’s so depressing that the the film where the entire world was destroyed by a completely avoidable disaster follows real-life responses verbatim, and the movie about the guy from The Conjuring has a space battle inside a moon. 

Realistic Politics Nerds

Regardless of your political opinions, you can’t disagree that simply watching this movie without context has you clawing at your eyeballs at the sheer ineptitude. If you feel like this film was mocking you and you still don’t figure out how the world sees you and your dumbass leader then I don’t know what to tell you. 

Don’t Look Up is a film that has a ton of grounding in basic storytelling and character building elements, but its true strength is in the audacity and execution of the satire- which it almost isn’t because it’s literally just the movie about what we actually did and how we actually responded to an actual catastrophe as it bore down on us. 


So Timothee Chalamet is in this (boy does this guy have range) for the last twenty minutes and to tell you the truth, I don’t really know why. Also, to continue the weirdness, a couple of the astro girls did fuck a skinny, trashy white boy in my program… so. 

You can stream my undergrad experience on Netflix.

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