The 5 Worst Movies of 2021

2021 isn’t over yet? It feels like it is. In multiple conversations I’ve mentioned it being ‘last year‘. I’m having fun running stats on my viewing habits, sort of like a Spotify Wrapped. A Filmify Wrapped, if you will.

Let’s get started:

This year, I’ve recorded having seen 43 movies, but I’m sure I’ve seen at least 50, because I’ve only started tracking that in April. Most of these movies were bad, with an average rating of only 5 out of 10. While the majority of the films have been in the top half, the weighting is fairly polarized.

5. The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodygaurd

I know a lot of people liked this movie, and I’m not saying you’re wrong for liking this movie. The first one was unique, and it rightly deserved another installment in the franchise. To their credit, they did add an extra ingredient in Salma Hayek. While her character did breath more life into this film and set it apart from the preceding movie, it wasn’t enough to make the movie a good movie.


Ryan Reynolds, in my opinion, is a tired, worn out schtick. He’s like a more handsome Adam Sandler, and I’m honestly kind of tired of his extremely crass and immature humor, because it’s starting to come off as forced. Like when we got Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow for the fifth time. Samuel L Jackson is his usual self, and while the combination of his assholery and Reynolds’ assholery is a unique one, again, it’s grating and overdone. 

If you liked it, you liked it and no one, not even me, should make you ashamed of that. Read the review here.

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