The VVitch

The Witch, stylized as The VVitch, is a period piece psychological horror, with some fantastic acting, some inspired direction and cinematography unlike anything I’ve seen in a while.

Full Goth, No Mercy

Despite being shot in color, the movie has a distinct black, white and grey aesthetic throughout, giving us an incredibly bleak, markedly stoic look. The sets, the clothing, the environment, the very animals promote an atmosphere of dull, depressing fog.

The way the film is shot, along with the themes, blocking and the acting draws you in and keeps you magnetized to the story, wanting to know more, but afraid of what you’ll find. There’s an infamous shot at the end of the movie where the heroine is the only thing clearly in frame, but man was it chilling to see and hear what was going on.

The Witch wasn’t ‘scary’ the way you’d expect from, say, a James Wan film. That scene, and the one right after, is pure fear. The reason this works so well, when it does, is because at this point in the story, we’ve seen the family endure so much, and the acting is so solid and convincing, you’re left just as shocked and confused as the heroine. At this point in the story, you’re left confused, but wanting so much more. 

Anya Taylor-Joy is a r/witchesVSpatriarchy role model

I would very much suggest that horror, mystery and film fans alike watch this film with your undivided attention. There’s an incredible amount of detail and work put into the look and feel of this movie, engaging multiple senses and engaging your mind and emotions alike. The VVItch is one of my favorite horror films of all time, and is probably top 50 all time. 9/10. Oh, by the way, there are slight incest and (separately) underaged sex tones throughout, so beware.

You can stream The Witch on FuboTV, for rent from Vudu, and a few other sites.

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