Bird Box

When I heard that they made a scary movie about not having one of your sense, ala A Quiet Place, I was immediately unimpressed. I probably wouldn’t have watched this movie if it wasn’t on Netflix. Additionally, I’m pretty sure they tried some new form of marketing by paying a bunch of meme accounts to meme the movie, so people ended up watching it just because of social pressure.

Bird Box wasn’t scary, intense, fresh or even entertaining. I was thoroughly underwhelmed and unimpressed by pretty much every element of the movie. I’ve got a soft spot for post apocalyptic movies where you’re trapped in a small place with a bunch of attractive people, and a good middle portion of this movie is about that. Even so, I wasn’t particularly attached to any of the characters, and didn’t really care what was going on and why. The whole ‘invisible sight monster’ thing was pretty cool, but somehow lost its charm way too early on.

There’s this one cool scene where they drive a car using only its sonar or whatever, but that’s one of the few times we’re shown any sort of adaptations humans come up with to survive out there, which is a huge waste. 4/10. The memes are funny, though.

BirdBox is available exclusively on Netflix.

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