Interview with the Vampire

I watched this movie back in 2018, and wrote the review a month later in 2019. I’m publishing it tonight to recommend it as a fun Halloween watch.

Vampires and gore are not much my thing, and Interview with the Vampire is quite a bit of both. It’s a dramatic, flowing, musical tale, with a touch of art, unexplainable but flavorful. It’s no secret that this movie is well renowned and is celebrated as a cult classic, and with most cult films, it’s difficult for me to tell why, exactly. The universe built, the characters explored and the story being told is something that I can tell is exactly some people’s aesthetic. Turning the macho, pretty boys like Pitt and Cruise into someone soft, feminine and vulnerable gives you a sense of bewilderment like no other. 

I can’t say I completely enjoyed the movie, but I did find it incredibly interesting and something worth a watch. 6/10. I do apologize that this review wasn’t as engaged as before. 

Interview with the Vampire is available on Youtube, AppleTV, and a few other places.

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