Y’all remember that movie 2012 that somehow everybody both watched and haven’t watched? Like. It’s constantly playing on the FX channel, sandwiched between a 5pm EST showing of X-Men and an 11pm showing of Fan4tastic? Anyways, this movie is way better than any of the others. 

Single Take Grandeur

So I haven’t seen the movie 1917 yet, mainly because I was having ‘good movie overload’ around when it came out in theaters, but I’m waiting to see it as movie number 1200 as a special treat. The movie 2020 is based on that concept of a single shot film, set against an apocalyptic backdrop of fear and loss. 

I really enjoyed the movie, and I was blown away by how many friggen on point references they got. Every line, every moment is packed with tidbits and life events of the year 2020. It reads as a dramaticized version of the lives we led collectively in 2020, but it’s also, somehow, not that much of an exaggeration of what it felt like. 

The film gets so creative and innovative in the way it builds its shots, moments and interactions. It’s humbling to realize how hard I was searching for a blown stitch or a moment where the shot was secretly cut, but they’ve sealed the one shot concept tight

Indie Inspiration

The reason why I’m so mesmerized by this movie is that there was so much sheer quality in every frame of this movie, and it’s not a big budget hollywood crapfest. It feels and views like a movie shot at some million dollar cocaine bonanza factor from LA. When in fact, the movie was created by a smaller, more intimate group of real people, people who don’t have a team of FX animators and $10,000 cameras.

It’s inspiring to see this, because it makes me feel like if they can do it, so can I. If they made a movie this good without needing a million dollars to make it, then I can too. It makes me proud that they have the talent, drive and courage to do something I wish I did. It makes me want to be as good as them.

Buy Local

So really, this is personal for me. 8/10. There weren’t enough boobies or superheroes.

I watched this movie on Youtube, and the Patreon for the filmmakers can be found here. Tell Stephen that 85scenes sends his regards here, he’ll know what it means.

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