The Green Knight

WHOOO Boy this movie. The Green Knight is one of the trippiest, most artsy farsty, balls to the wall insane, self indulgent movies I’ve ever seen. The Green Knight is a movie you will not finish if you don’t watch in theaters or completely stoned. It’s a stunning mindfuck of a film, and you will absolutely feel guilty if you convince your friends to come to see it with you.

Visually Aesthetic Self-Indulgent Pornography

Simply put, the movie is art. It’s cinematic art. Aesthetically stunning, splashed with brave, vivid colors throughout. The use of stark, solid lighting is almost auteur, but it’s an excellent example of when to have a solid colored backlight to indicate some sort of theme or magic.

Over and over, we’re presented with gorgeous environments and sets, and downright jaw-dropping moments of pure imagination brought to life. The film is visually incredible, and it’s going to be a complete trip if you see it in any form of inebriation.

Narrative Innovation

The film doesn’t follow a traditional narrative structure. I didn’t know this until after, but it’s based on a poem, depicting a legend from the King Arthur pantheon of stories. The film is dreamy, floating the journey from one event to another, growing and shaping our Sir Gawain. Each event is entrancing and magical, a tale in of itself. It’s a weary traveler’s tale that he tells on each stop to his final destination. An anthology of magic and absurdity.

However, this aloof, slow, airy sort of story telling draws long and difficult, to the point that it’s nearly insufferable by the end. The slow, misty acting gets old, and at one point you’ll think, fucking I get it. Hurry up and finish it already. The film has style, but this haze gets too thick and becomes detrimental, and the film shoots itself in the foot. 

Slow Motion Wailing

This hoity-toity sort of storytelling is present in its dialogue as well, and you’re forced to strain for each line. The film takes place in a medieval era, and they commit to it- hard. It’s difficult to understand many times, and some of the narrative or supernatural exposition becomes nearly impossible to understand.

The film separates its chapters with visual cue text, and at one point, the font becomes so authentic it’s illegible. When the text presented itself, there was an audible, simultaneous ‘What?’ from nearly the entire theater. We forgot ourselves, and in one go, the film confused everyone. The film forces you to force your attention to be at its peak the entire two hour run, which is nigh impossible ere the modern era. 

Playing Now in Ye Olde Coliseum

Despite all of this, The Green Knight is worth seeing in theaters- and possibly only in theaters. The film is magnificent. The score is pervasive and reverbarative. There’s a weight to the audio, and combined with the incredible aesthetics, you’ll be depriving yourself of a true experience if you miss this film in theaters. Again, it’s a ridiculous movie that will embarrass you with its insanity, and leave you scratching your head in frustration on your way out of the playhouse. 8/10. Dev Patel creams himself.

I highly recommend you see it in theaters if you plan on seeing it at all.

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