Finding ‘Ohana

So I watched this movie at a 50 degree angle from a 10 year old TV with my parents sitting on an uncomfortable cushion. This movie was awesome. It’s definitely a kids’ movie, and if you expect anything different, then shut up and go away. 

How do we even pronounce ‘Ohana

The main character little girl isn’t all that interesting. Hell, she’s annoying, even. Her persona feels forced and constructed, but I don’t wanna rag on it that much, because she’s like ten years old and she’s in a Netflix movie. She should be so proud. The show is later stolen by the two older kids, but they’re not much more interesting than the younger two actors. 

Hawaiian Treasure Hunt

Finding ‘Ohana is more Goonies than I’d like, but in a good way. It’s fun, adventurous, with imaginative sets and a great journey. Treasure, values, family, the whole nine yards. If you’re on a treasure hunter bender, have blasted through National Treasure, Indiana Jones, and even a couple 80’s flicks like Gremlins. As long as you don’t mind a little childishness, Finding ‘Ohana is the movie for you. 

Dialogue and soundtrack were a bit bland, but what did you expect? The main character is a loud, energetic 11 year old. 6/10. My mom loved it. 

I watched this movie on Netflix.

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