Creed 2

So this review took a while to write, but that’s because I was home with family, and I just didn’t think about the movie I’d watched. Creed 2 wasn’t a bad movie, but it wasn’t mindblowing either.

If there’s one thing that Stallone knows how to do with these movies, it’s to make the audience feel hyped and excited. Dolph Lundgren’s last appearance in the series wasn’t the best movie in the series, but damn if he doesn’t belong.

As a lover of action movies and larger-than-life personas, Lundgren really delivers, and compensates well for his generic angry meatface vlad of a son who ended up having no real charisma. His story was arguably more interesting than Creed, but Creed himself has a very good arc. There were a lot of themes of fatherhood and growth and self confidence, but it felt kinda on the nose and the conclusion wasn’t as emotionally impactful as I’d hoped.

The soundtrack is fine, the movie is shot pretty normally, it’s all just fine. 5/10. 

You can watch the movie on Vudu, Amazon Prime and AppleTV.

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