A Quiet Place – Part 2

Greetings from Frankfurt! Ya boi is publishing his first international review! Also I’m stuck in the airport send help.

A Quiet Place Part 2 is so good. John Krasinksi has done it yet again. The film is very, very simple: Be quiet, or the aliens come smack you. Everyone is dead. Boy needs medicine. Girl has a way to fight back. Man helps girl.

Go to place, do thing

I mean, yeah, they go to lots of places and do lots of things, but it’s not all that complicated. They’ve fit clever, neat little quirks and tricks all over the movie, which is so refreshing, especially when it comes to a horror/thriller type. It’s apparent how every little aspect of the movie was really thought out and accounted for. So much is just left unsaid, but that’s not what this movie is about, it’s about showing.

There’s an interesting parallel in The Office and AQPP2. John’s acting in the show is so physical, so demonstrative, so nuanced. I’m convinced that he mastered the art of communication via his body rather than his dialogue on the set of The Office. It really shows his dexterity with allowing the medium to show the story rather than tell it. Yes, there’s dialogue, and yes, there’s noise, but it’s just to lend credibility and believability to the story.

Then, there’s the tension. AQPP2, just like the first A Quiet Place, squeezes and winds up the tension. The anxiety pumps and builds and before you know it every muscle in your body is clenched and you’ve forgotten to exhale. The meticulous nature of needing to stay quiet in the movie meshes so well with the anxiety that they’re trying to induce. It’s a fascinating exercise to see every element come together to build that climax at the end.

A Quiet Place – Part 3

There are some elements of setting up another sequel, and there are a few things that happen during this movie that absolutely need explaining later, which is very different than the self-contained nature of the predecessor film. It’s not annoying, it’s not forced. There’s a single moment towards the end that feels so weird and the film gives zero explanation for what just happened or why kid went to place to do thing.

The character building for the kids and the wife is great. Emily Blunt sort of takes a back seat in terms of development and I’m assuming that’s mainly because she’s had her moments in the previous movie. The kids get their moments to shine, and it’s so great to watch little callbacks to how they act and behave and do things. Some of it is a little on the nose, but it’s not unforgivable.

Cillian Murphy is gruffy. I’m assuming we’ll get a bit more of him in the next movie. He has a few (unearned) heartfelt moments, but his whole thing is just gruff. It’s cool though.

Daddy Krasinski

I had a ton of fun with this movie and I’m so glad I saw it in theaters, because it’s an incredible experience to have to bait your breath and feel that even you should be quiet. 7/10. I really wish daddy Krasinksi was in this movie more.

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