This movie is so bad it made me think it was made in 2006 and inspired two movies from 2010. It was actually released in 2016, a couple of years in the wrong direction.

Entertainment Factor

This movie wasn’t scary.

Artistic Integrity

This film is also not very original or innovative. There’s nothing special about its characters, origins, fear or concepts. It’s got a good twist where it does actually kill someone, which rarely happens in supernatural films like this one. Additionally, the main character is handicapped, and it isn’t even used as a metaphor for loss, or something insensitive. It was a pretty interesting choice, and I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I didn’t pick up on the movie mentioning and/or acknowledging his paralysis below his waist. On one hand, if they make it a point of opinionated discussion, or if they use it as a symbol of the main character’s struggle with loss or something, then I’d think negatively of it.

Besides those two truly independent ideas, the movie most significantly borrows from an indie, under-the-radar, hidden gem from 2010, Inception. Inception has a machine that makes people go to sleep, and then they do cool shit regarding consciousness and escaping consciousness. In fact, if you think of Mal as the supernatural personification of the main character’s love and guilt, then Incarnate is the less scary version of Inception, which is embarrassing because Inception isn’t even a scary movie. Also, is it a coincidence or an admittance of guilt that both movies start with the letters I-N-C

There’s Anglo-Christian bad guy demon who hates the main character, a mom who loves her child, some form of daddy issues, and an skinny old white lady in a cardigan. The story centers on a couple whose son inexplicably enters a comatose state and becomes a vessel for a variety of entities. The kid then wakes up at the end of the exorcism, and the ending tries hard to be ambiguous about whether or not the demon escapes the demon dream realm. I just described another little known underground cult classic Insidious, also released in 2010. Incarnate also borrows from the 2010 film, and is again considered a less scary version of its predecessor. Also, is it a coincidence or an admittance of guilt that both movies start with the letters I-N?

Final Word

Incarnate isn’t a direct rip off of either Insidious or Inception. It alludes heavily, and has some similarities. I’m honestly more disappointed that it just wasn’t more entertaining. I legit forgot that I’d seen this movie until Netflix recommended that I go back and watch the last few minutes of credits. 2/10. The dude who played Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight was in this as the alcoholic protagonist, and now I’m wondering if the Nolans had a part to play in this movie, or if the dude just wanted a quick buck by making this movie.

I saw this movie on Netflix, but according to Just Watch, I also found this:

You can buy it on Apple TV or Youtube.

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