Sinister 2

Yeah this movie sucked. Nothing to write home about.

How Scary Was It?

It was ok. The first sinister dug into my fear of photographs and scary shit coming from them and movies, but this one used the photography thing as a prop, and the big scary thing was the kids. It was stupid and pretty annoying, because kids suck and they can’t act. The jump scares were scary enough to get me to jump, but that’s about it. Maybe it’s just me, but as soon as a supernatural horror devolves to invisible beings throwing shit around, I stop being afraid. It’s unrealistic and just campy: it stopped being scary back in 1973. 

No Seriously, How Scary Was It?

Again, nothing to write home about. Sinister 2 is another generic horror flick with some scary asshole demon thing. There’s a cop and a douchebag ex husband, a pretty bachelorette and two idiot kids who make idiot decisions. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t enthralled, I wasn’t engaged. I literally watched my Domino’s pizza tracker more often than I watched this movie. Speaking of which, why does quality check take 20 fucking minutes? It’s cool my dude, it’s a cheese pizza and a diet coke just fucking send it I live like five blocks away. If I wasn’t so fucking lazy I’d come quality check that shit myself. 

Did It At Least Sound Scary?

The dialogue is crap, the script is subpar, the characters are… meh. There’s some originality, and I like that the protagonist carries over from the previous movie, but I seriously do not remember what happened in the previous film so ya boi don’t give a FUKC. I can’t wait til my shitty pizza gets here. Seriously the script is trash, and the movie literally could not be more forgettable if it didn’t have a soundtrack at all. Maybe The Nun has spoiled me, because I expect some real scary shit from my scary movie soundtracks. 

Final Word

The movie isn’t scary, the film isn’t worth watching, the movie is a waste of time. 2/10. I know they were aiming for a scary movie cinematic universe, but it’s just not as fleshed out as it needs to be. 

If you wanna waste some time, I watched this movie on Netflix, but apparently this movie also available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

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