The Big Short (2015)

I watched this movie at around midnight while sipping on a beer, and an empty stomach. About an hour at about 1am, I emailed my advisor demanding that she sign me up for a class on stocks, the market and the Bloomberg Terminal. I was hyped. The next morning my stock portfolio dipped some 21%. 

On Quantum Physics

I can see why people rave about this movie so much. It explains a complicated, nuanced environment that’s been traditionally out of reach of the majority of people, simply because of how complicated it’s been made up to be. Quantum Physics, for example, is regarded as a generally complex subject, one that’s so layered and vast that only the smartest people can understand it.

In reality, all you really need is a good teacher. So how do you take something boring like unit circles, gaussian tables and probability distributions and make it consumable to the general audience? You make it funny. How do you explain to the masses a specific point when things get complex? You throw in boobs. How do you keep their attention when the story hits a lull? You cut fast. How do you convince people to watch a movie about something uninteresting? You get the best actors. How do you make a movie that will resonate for years? You make a movie like no one has before.

The Pitt, Carrell, Pitt, Bale Foursome

The Big Short is one of the best examples of making an entertaining, captivating movie that’s chock full of unmissable plot points, dialogues and events. Every time I looked away, I had to rewind the movie to grab whatever key exposition that I missed. The thing is, it was hard to look away because over and over, we were thrown another captivating actor. Each time Gosling, Carell, Pitt or Bale came on screen, they’d deliver an incredible, iconic unmissable performance.

Brad Pitt gives us roundhouses of jaded, unhinged but suave, master of his craft. Carrell shows off his anger and unbridled hate for the system. His rebellious crusades against the assholes are unseen from a man so often associated with humor. I mean you cannot miss these performances, because they are a tour de force you rarely get to see. The true power of these master actors is let loose in a slugfest, left right and center. Each scene, each setting, each moment is another hit. 


You should not miss The Big Short. The recent Gamestop stock debacle is just proof that the financial market is not a four dimensional unendingly complex system of ones and zeros. It’s just a game being played by assholes who figured out a way to trick us into giving them our money and fooling us into thinking we can’t play the same game. Go buy Gamestop stocks if you can afford them, as many as you can afford, and hold until the bankers bleed. Ape together strong.

You can watch The Big Short on PlutoTv, Vudu and Amazon Prime.

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