Crazy, Stupid, Love

   Ever seen that movie Hitch with Will Smith? Or any other movie about a down on his luck loser who needs to win back the respect of his kids and the love of his life with the help of a womanizing hunk? What about an ensemble movie with love hijinks and misunderstandings and miscommunications that all lead to a fun little end where the sexy boytoy learns how to love?

    Yeah this movie is all of that, plus Michael Scott, the guy from Notebook, an underused Emma Stone and a strangely charming teenage romance that almost wasn’t a bad message for kids who snuck in to watch this movie.

The film genuinely had me up and roaring with laughter, all while avoiding sexist or gross tropes, and never really grinding our noses in any cliches.  It’s a fun movie, with a good cast and a satisfying, mature end. There are whimsical moments, but it’s humorous in the way that you want to see humor in an adult movie based on real reactions and problems and situations. Carrel does jump out of a moving car at one point, and there’s a pretty funny slugfest between all the men that I really enjoyed, but for the most part, it’s all fairly grounded in reality, especially for the ending. Things are left ambiguous, because Carrell doesn’t hook up with his ex, but they seem at peace, and then there’s a gag about teenage romance.

    I really can’t find many flaws in this film, because it’s all so good. It lacks a bit of character, which keeps it from becoming a cult classic, but it’s a Carrell classic. 7/10. Worth watching if you want to watch Reynolds do stuff topless.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is available to watch pretty much everwhere. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Apple TV and Vudu.

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